A Tired Dog

A Tired Dog

15 Walmer Rd

Toronto ON

M5R 2X1

Phone: 416-921-2974                  





The Annex Dog Walker

Phone: Shelley 416-921-2974

Cell 647-978-2974

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A Tired Dog is a healthy, happy dog.

Most breeds of dogs big or small can walk up to 25 km a day.


“When an eighty-five pound dog licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it's hard to feel sad.”

The Toronto Annex Dog Walker.

  Hello my name is Shelley and I have lived  in The Toronto Annex on Walmer Rd for over 20 years. I know the area well and am aware of all the locations suitable for walking your dog, insuring a good variety of safe and caring outings. I am the owner and only employee of A Tired Dog. I prefer to walk one dog at a time so you won’t see that tangled mess of umpteen dogs wrapped around my feet. I will interact with your dog, get to know their personalities and become their walking buddy. Your pet will enjoy the experience of a familiar face every visit or walk. If you wish your dog to socialize with others, I can always accommodate with off leash parks.

  A long walk is the best form of physical and mental exercise for your dog. Without sufficient exercise, they can become irritable or frustrated and may very well resort to destructive behaviour to relieve stress and pent up energy. Nothing is better  than a good walk to burn up this energy and keep your dog engaged, both mind and body. Research shows that daily exercise provides a desirable social temperament as well as a healthier pet.

  Daily walking provides your pet with the opportunity to get their required stimulation, exercise and attention. Whether your dog needs to run with a pack or prefers a one on one leashed walk, they must fulfill their natural desire to roam and explore the scents and sounds of their surroundings. A Tired Dog is a local Toronto Annex dog walking and pet sitting service that provides peace of mind for pet owners while they are at work or busy with other errands with no minimum or long term commitment.